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Soooooo i haven’t posted on this in months. cause i’m really busy and shit. That being said, I do still go on tumblr, but I use my non-rp talk one the last-centurion.

So if you wanna follow me there for nonsense and random things and food, go for it and i’ll follow back!

soo the face i had in mind for reed is reserved (which is on me for disappearing)…

quickly give me boys who are large and look like they could play football, but also be a sort of lumberjack bassist whose like 25.

boyfriend left. so i’m here now to do things.

so warning: boyfriend is coming to visit this weekend so i won’t be on much. for anybody i’m plotting with (i.e. zoey and moons)

everybody dealt with death in their own way. some sobbed, some hid inside themselves, and other’s seemed unphased by any of it. to most of the world, reed harris seemed like the last of those options when, after months of hospital visits and miracle after miracle, his grandfather, bernard harris finally passed away. to most of the world, reed harris had simply continued on with his life. he showed up to all his classes the next day only to have teachers pull him aside to let him know he could go lay down in the nurse’s office if he needed to, but he never did. no, reed harris just continued on and nobody could understand how. bernard was the one, after all, that had gotten him started in music keeping him up late into the night as a child playing guitar on the porch and later passing on his knowledge as well as a beaten up on fender a few years later. ultimately reed would fall away, into the background as a bassist, but that didn’t change who he owed his musical talent to.

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that was the biggest fucking overreaction im laughing so hard

How do Red Pandas even survive in the wild?

Reblogging again because it’s just that awesome.

the prime of my roleplaying career is back when i first met a bunch of you. when i was playing 10+ characters on a hollywood site and another 8+ on a record label. and probably a few other elsewhere. 

I had amazing plots and everybody was invested. and it was a great time.

yesssss! do i have you on messenger? cause i’m on msn/skype right now!

yesssss! do i have you on messenger? cause i’m on msn/skype right now!